July 2023

Church Facilities Guide

Upstairs Policy

Opening Up the Church (using upstairs rooms only)
  • When using the upstairs rooms only, do not use or unlock the emergency exit side door, open the main doors and have people go up via the hallway
  • There must be one security posted at the door while the door is left open and unlocked
    • The main gate and the main doors cannot be unlocked at the same time if there is no security posted
    • You may leave the main gate unlocked if the main door is locked; likewise, you may leave the main door unlocked if the main gate is locked

  • Turn on lights as needed, but if sections of the church are not in use where the lights are on, please turn them off

Meetings or Rehearsals
  • Any usage of the upstairs rooms for any kind of meeting, rehearsal, or any gathering must be cleared with Tim first
  • The church is not meant to be used as an "office" space or a general working space; it should only be used for ministry events
  • The acknowledgement of usage (below) must be filled out prior to the meeting time

Acknowledgement of Church Upstairs Room Usage

FBC Cleaning and Closing Receipt Procedure

Before using the church for an event...
  • There must be a designated point person to lock up the church, this point person should be made known to Tim
  • There should be a team of at least 3 men to clean-up, no one should be left alone to lock up the church
  • A short meeting or phone call will be arranged with Tim to verify the closing and lock-up procedure list before every event

Quick Checklist
  • LIGHTS (regardless of what part of the building you/your event used)
    1. Bathrooms (upstairs and downstairs)
    2. Kitchen
    3. Fellowship Hall (stage lights and main lights)
    4. Upstairs areas (Greek Room, Children's Room, Storage Room)
    5. Main hallway (near the kitchen), lower staircase (going upstairs), upper staircase (near upstairs bathrooms), upstairs hallway (classrooms), emergency exit light
    1. Chairs are stacked (stacks of 4)
    2. Drumkit returned to center stage
    3. Pulpit moved to the side
    4. Tables put away (all of it put into the racks)
    1. Upstairs classroom doors (Greek Room, Children's Room, Storage Room)
    2. Fellowship hall table room doors
    3. Side emergency exit door (latch should be tight and door should be tested from the outside)
    4. Parking lot side doors (latches should all be pushed in)
    5. Main glass doors (must be pushed all the way in)
    6. Courtyard glass doors (also must be pushed all the way in)
    7. Foyer (street side glass doors)
    8. Main gates & chains locked up
    1. Kitchen (both entrances)

Photos should be provided in the church lockup chat when closing (if you do not have access, message Tim)
Additional Notes
  • There must be one security posted at the door while the main doors are left open and unlocked while using the upstairs room
    • The main parking lot gate and the main doors cannot be unlocked at the same time if there is no security posted
    • You may leave the main gate unlocked if the main door is locked; likewise, you may leave the main door unlocked if the main gate is locked

  • Chairs - Stack all cushioned, non-folding chairs in stacks of four; fold all metal chairs and lean against wall in the corner
  • Tables - Fold all tables and return them to the closet 
  • Drumkit - Return drum kit to original position (on the stage), we cannot leave this equipment in either side rooms
  • Sound and media equipment - The default is to clean up the equipment, also double check with Tim or Andy if sound/media equipment can be left till Sunday
  • Chair dolly (blue) - Do not leave it facing the exit or doors in case someone runs into it

Side Room with Staircase 
  • Do not leave any equipment blocking the staircase, emergency equipment, or doors; if possible, leave the room as clear as possible
  • The emergency exit door must be locked when leaving if unlocked at all -- always check to make sure it is locked

  • Floors - Sweep/vacuum the floors (vacuum is found upstairs, it is our vacuum)
  • Restrooms - Please pickup all trash on the ground
  • Trash - Always take out trash and replace using our trash bags
    • 33 gallons for the inner trash can downstairs
    • 13 gallons for Greek room trash can
    • Trash in the restrooms can be dumped into the larger trashcans in the Fellowship Hall to be taken out together
  • Decorations - Leave in the Storage Room
    • If we leave it out, we risk any other people using the hall or room to do whatever with our decorations
    • Generally, rule of thumb is to clean up and tear down any decorations for any and all events
  • Both side rooms and exits on each side of the stage need to be clear of equipment 

  • Turn off ALL lights (upstairs, downstairs, all restrooms, hallway, kitchen, closets, ancillary lights)

  • Make sure our rooms upstairs are closed and locked, this means closing the door and tugging on them to make sure they're locked afterward
  • Close ALL doors in the fellowship hall (leading upstairs, outside, and into the hallway)

  • Lock up all chains on the outside and gates
  • Other than Friday, return any barriers in the parking lot that may have been moved to its original position
For additional information about room usage or clean-up policy, please contact Tim H. for more information.

Greek Room

  • Markers - All markers are to be returned to holder on the whiteboard
  • Erasers - All erasers are to be left on the whiteboard 
  • Cleaning - Wipe off all drawings and content before leaving the room for the next group to use

  • Trash - Always take out trash and replace using our trash bags; pick up any trash or vacuum as needed
    • 13 gallons for Greek room trash can
  • Tables - Wipe down all tables
  • Chairs - Do not need to stack the chairs

Lights & Electricity
  • Turn off ALL lights (each side of the room has 1 switch which controls half of the lights)
  • Turn off the A/C (move into "off" position) and all fans

  • Only bathroom supplies should be left in the white cabinet
  • Do not leave or store any food items in this room, especially perishable or non-packaged food

Storage Room

Supplies in the storage closet is meant to only be used for events at the church building.

If your event is offsite, please supply your own utensils, plates, and cups. Whenever supplies are used, please note it down below. Please add any helpful comments for us to know, such as "there is only box of forks left" or "there is only half a stack of plates left".

Children's Room

Please contact Brian J. or Lisa H. for any inquiries about the Children's Room.

Kitchen Policy

  • Tell Tim 2-3 days before kitchen usage
  • Please bring your own items to use in the kitchen
  • Please clean up after yourselves
  • Fridge use is allowed for the duration of the event (nothing overnight)
  • Do not blow out the pilot lights on the stove in the kitchen!
  • Door should be unlocked after