Kainos Women Challenges

Our Kainos Weekly Challenges are a unique opportunity to get to know more of the women at Redeemer’s Grace Church with some fun twists! The purpose of these challenges is to build stronger biblical friendships and have purposeful fellowship with one another as we complete fun activities and challenges together. In addition, a prize will be given to the winners of each week!
We have concluded our Summer 2020 Weekly Challenges, but check back Spring 2021 for a new set of challenges!
  • Each Saturday night there will be a new challenge posted! You have until the following Saturday night to post on Padlet.
  • You have until the following Sunday to vote on your top TWO posts according to the criteria of each week.
  • Only vote for TWO posts by LIKING the post. You can still show your appreciation and excitement for other posts by commenting with your thoughts!

Winners for the previous week will be announced every Wednesday along with the prize reveal!

Here is the information and links to each challenge each week:

FIRST CHALLENGE: Recipe Exchange

Open for submissions: 8/15-8/22
Padlet: https://padlet.com/judyshyu/recipe_exchange
Voting Criteria: Vote for the top TWO recipes you want to try!
Deadline to vote: 8/23
Winners announced: Caroline and Joanna


THIRD CHALLENGE: Encouragement Notes

Open for submissions: 8/23-8/29
Padlet: http://padlet.com/judyshyu/prayer_walk
Voting Criteria: Vote the top TWO craziest outfits
Deadline to vote: 8/30
Winners announced: Sara and Vanessa
Open for submissions: 8/30-9/5
Padlet: https://padlet.com/judyshyu/enco_notes
Voting Criteria: Vote your top TWO favorite drawings
Deadline to vote: 9/6
Winners announced: Andrea and Jennifer


Open for submissions: 9/6-9/12
Padlet: https://padlet.com/judyshyu/QTD_memory
Voting Criteria: top TWO most creative memorizing techniques
Deadline to vote: 9/13
Winners announced: Meg and Alyssa

FIFTH CHALLENGE: Origami Creations

Open for submissions: 9/13-9/19
Padlet: padlet.com/judyeeshyu/origami
Voting Criteria: Top TWO favorite origami creations
Deadline to vote: 9/20
Winners announced: Cheryl and Caroline

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