Women's Fall Event

Contentment: Satisfying the Longing Soul

Event Recap

Our first 3-day Women’s Fall Event was an encouraging time of teaching from the rich Word of God and amazing fellowship! We kicked off the weekend with Kayleen’s message on how we ought to be content in God for He is good and gives His best to us every time. Alisa followed that up with what hindrances to contentment look like in our daily lives in the sayings of “I want”, “I deserve”, and “if only”. Then Michelle encouraged us to consider how much we already have to be content about because we have an eternity in contentment with God that is complete perfection and glory! Judy rounded off the entire event by detailing what it looks like to practice contentment in daily life like beginning the morning with praise and ending the night in prayer!
Overall, all the speakers highlighted how we ought to remember we don’t deserve anything except hell. It is all by God’s abundant grace and mercy that we have things we can steward on earth. Therefore, we should never complain or be discontent at all because the only thing we deserve is hell. But God in His abundant love and goodness has given us Christ! In Christ, we have everything we need.
Check out this testimonial video on how some of the women have been challenged to grow in contentment lately HERE! Also, check out this edifying and entertaining skit a few sisters created HERE!

Event Testmonials

“One of the things that was emphasized throughout the sessions was that we don’t deserve anything but condemnation and hell, which is a reason why we can have contentment in all things. I was really convicted by Judy’s lesson when she talked about different ways we can have “Contentment in Daily Life”. One of the ways is to be thankful always and emphasizing that thankfulness is a lifestyle! It got me to think about if I am always thankful and content in my everyday life in the morning, afternoon, and evening. I’m going to apply it by starting up my thankful jar again to remind me of all the blessings that the Lord has graciously provided and give praise to those things unto the Lord!”
“I really enjoyed Alisa’s lesson on Hindrances to Contentment. She defined what desire, expectation, and hope was and the emotions tied to them if you have the wrong desires, expectations, and hopes. That was a really great diagnosis test! I was able to see how in the past, I had sinful emotions that grumbled against a good God because I was pursuing the wrong things and desiring to please myself!”
“A message that I go back to quite often is Kayleen’s message on “Contentment in God.” In these past couple of weeks since the event ended, I was personally challenged to remember God’s goodness on a day-to-day basis. Because it’s so easy for me to get anxious/angry, meditating on God’s character is something I have to actively do because if I don’t, I know that I WILL find something to be discontent about.”
To listen to the lessons, please visit our Media page.

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