All Church Retreat

RGC All Church Retreat is back in person!  Although we had an awesome time with our first virtual retreat last year, we are looking forward to sweet in-person fellowship with everyone. All Church Retreat 2022 will feature the very relevant topic of: "Refiner's Fire: Preparing for Persecution." Come join us and learn about how we can have the right thinking and proper preparation for the coming persecution.  
Date:January 28-30, 2022
Location:Pine Valley Bible Conference Center
Retreat Sessions
Persecuted But Not Forsaken
Unyielding & Unwavering
Fully Equipped
Tomorrow's World
Affections of the Flesh
Affections of the Spirit
Breakout Sessions
Men's  - Self-Control
Women's  - Perfectionism vs Excellence
Please visit our audio page for previous retreat message recordings.
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Early bird registration (Nov 7, 2021 through Dec 12, 2021) | $180 Dorm / $220 Lodge
Regular registration (Dec 13, 2021 through Jan 20, 2022) | $200 Dorm / $240 Lodge

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