"Your word is a lamp to my feet; And a light to my path."

Psalm 119:105

Currently in-person Flock Groups are suspended and we are hosting RGC Mini Church Bible studies through video-conferencing on Microsoft Teams. 

Friday Night Bible Studies

At Redeemer’s Grace Church, we have the privilege of offering two different Bible study series on Fridays! Flock Groups occur every Friday, except the first Friday of school-year months when we host Doubt Nights.

Flocks Bible Study

Flock Groups are intimate Bible studies hosted at 2 different locations in San Diego. Each study is led by trained leaders who study under the pastoral care of our Pastor Christopher Wu. One home Flock Group is studying Philippians while another Flock Group on UCSD campus is going through Galatians. Please come join us for a good time in the Word and of fellowship with one another.

The purpose is to dive deep into the Word of God in an unbiased and intentional way. We start with observations of the text and study the context of the Scripture to interpret the author’s original intent. This methodical way of studying is far from mundane! Learning what God declares in His Word has serious implications for our daily lives and transforms our relationship with Him. Our goal is to help shape the way you read God’s Word daily.

Doubt Night

Doubt Nights are topical studies of common questions to Christianity. We go through the Scriptures and seek to find how to answer those questions as well as be able to present the Gospel to anyone who may come to visit or check out our Doubt Night Bible study. RGC seeks to build its members through these topical studies to equip them with tools to help build their biblical worldview!

Where do we meet?

Our two groups meet on UCSD campus at Center Hall (by the Spheres) and at one of our members’ homes located in Mira Mesa at 7:15pm. Please fill out the form below for more information or to find out which location works best for you!

Which location group do I join?

Come join us for both Flock Group and Doubt Night series; they are open to everyone! We try to place you in a group that best suits you; if you are a UCSD student, we recommend you join the on-campus group. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about Flock Groups or Doubt Nights!

Any Questions?

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