Kainos Summer

Delectable Delights Showdown

Event Recap

The women had an enjoyable morning at Delectable Delights Showdown! We began the event with an encouraging testimonial from our sister, Sofia, on a previous event, “Self Pleasure or Self Harm: The Truth about M.” She recalled how Michelle encouraged us to be disciplined and seek accountability to fight against impurity in our lives. Sofia applied this lesson by memorizing Scripture, watching her social media intake, and sleeping early. She also encouraged us to pursue purity actively as well!

We also heard a devotional on “Hope in God’s Word” from Christine. She shared about how God’s Word is true. We can trust it because God said it, and He is reliable! The Word also gives us confidence because we know that God will fulfill all the promises in it. When we are hopeless, it is often because we have forgotten Scripture and His promises. In contrast, God’s Word restores our hope because it shows His faithfulness. Christine ended by encouraging us to lead lives of hope rather than unbelief by living in light of the truth of the Bible!

Afterward, we got into groups and created beautiful arrangements using fruit and vegetables on two themes: “kaleidoscope” and “birds”! Each group showcased their artwork to the judges who graded them on design, detail, and variety of fruits and vegetables used. It was fun hearing each group explain their reasoning for the type of fruits used and the creative stories they made up for each of their “birds”. In the end, the groups “Very Berry Grape Friends” and “Seriously Sour-Turned-Sweet Sisters” won the prize of beautifully-designed bookmarks with Bible verses on them! We had a joyful time exercising our creativity at Delectable Delights Showdown, and we hope to see you at our next summer event!

Event Testimonial

Here's what our sister Sara learned:
"Wow!! Praise God for the opportunity to gather together to hear His Word, and specifically the topic of hope IN His Word!! We have sufficient and ample reason to place all our hope in it because God is true, faithful, and immutable. His Word truly is the refreshment and confidence of our souls. I want to apply this devo by placing all my confidence in God’s Word, and not my own understanding, circumstances, or emotions. Also, I have never done fruit-inspired art before so that was quite a fun “first” to have with fellow sisters in Christ!"
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