Kainos Summer

Festivities of the Fair

Event Recap

Our first summer event of the year, Festivities of the Fair, was a great time of fellowship and fair-themed food and activities! The women played many ball-throwing games and bonded through suspenseful giant Jenga. 

At the event, Karmi gave a testimonial on the joys of motherhood. She shared how motherhood has grown her dependence on God and taught her about God’s patience. As a mother, she encouraged the women to continue to grow in godliness as they aspire to become mothers.

Josephine then gave a devotional titled “Source of Hope.” In contrast to worldly hope, biblical hope is grounded in God’s character because He is unchanging, allowing us to draw confidence and joy from knowing Him. In her devotional, Josephine focused on three attributes of God that exemplify how we can have lasting hope in Him: love, faithfulness, and sovereignty. 

First, God’s love gives us hope through Christ’s death on the cross. Rather than despairing over sin, we can be confident in His unconditional love towards us, resulting in a quickness to repent and ask for forgiveness (1 John 4:9-10). Second, we have hope in God’s faithfulness. An unwavering hope is anchored in knowing that God will ultimately fulfill His promises in His perfect timing (Hebrews 10:23). Thus, we can continually remind ourselves of the promises He has made in His Word. Third, because of God’s sovereignty, we can hope in our future, be confident that He is in control, and place our trust in Him.

In recognizing God as our source of hope, let us live out the reality of an unshakeable hope in our lives, abounding in the joy and peace that He provides! 

Event Testimonial

Here's what our sister Frances learned:
"Festivities of the Fair was a fun time of being able to fellowship with other sisters in the church! I particularly really liked the ping pong fish bowl activity too! It was really cool to be able to see how even at the start of summer, we are still growing in excitement for the things going on in the church! ⛪ Josephine’s devo on God as our source of hope was filled with attributes like His sovereignty which was also helpful in reminding me of how I can even grow in my eagerness to see His character in my life more and to anchor ⚓ my hope in Him! I want to apply the devo on how to anchor God as my source of hope by continuing to ask others in the church what attributes of God they meditate on to ground their hope in Christ and for me, to be praying for myself in how I can continue to see God’s character in the work that I am given!"
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