Event Recap

Hairagami was a fun time of fellowship, hearing a devotional on the topic of “The Necessity of Self-Discipline,” and enjoying fun, hair-related activities! 

The event featured a glamorous hair runway show where we got to showcase our curls, pigtails, buns, braids, and avant-garde hairstyles! The women had a great time coming up with creative ways to walk up and down the runway! Additionally, we enjoyed playing a historical and biblical hair trivia game in teams and watching a musical skit about Jacob and Esau! 

We had the joy of hearing our sister Erin give a devotional on the topic “The Necessity of Self Discipline.” Discipline is vital in the life of the Christian and requires work, training, and consistency. In order to be disciplined, we must first have the right heart (Matthew 12:34). This is seen through the example of David in Psalm 51:17. In order to have a right heart, we must first have a broken spirit. This is a brokenness which results in humility, and is a discipline of seeing ourselves and our sin rightly before God. Second, we must have a contrite heart, which is a complete surrender to God. In order to foster these heart attitudes, we can grow in our prayer and confession. Additionally, we can spend daily time in the Word in order to see God’s character and our sin rightly.

We had such a great time at Hairagami and the women were encouraged to grow in self-discipline in their lives by growing in humility and seeing sin rightly before God! 

Event Testimonial

Here's what our sister, Kristen, learned:

"Our Hairagami event was so much fun! I was really blown away by the creative hairstyles, and I learned a lot of interesting facts about hair as well! At the event, Erin gave a devotional on "The Necessity of Self-Discipline" about how discipline first and foremost starts from having a brokenness of spirit and a contrite heart. It was super convicting and encouraging for me to consider whether I see humility as a discipline and I was challenged to grow in praying to see myself and my sin accurately before God! Pride can hinder me from being disciplined, so I want to build up a discipline of praying for humility, to grow in praising God when He chooses to reveal sin in my life, and being consistent to pray proactively about sins I struggle with!"
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