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Parenting Class Recap

Throughout four sessions of Parenting Class this March, the mothers learned important skills and principles on the topic of “Connected Kids—Teaching Children to Navigate Relationships.” The first lesson was “Who’s the Boss?” in which we learned that it makes no sense for us to give into our children’s every whim and want because they are unwise and don’t know what is best. As parents, we ought to be clear, consistent, and thoughtful in the way we instruct our children. The next lesson, “Red Light, Green Light,” was about self-control. Just like how in the game players must stop immediately when the “light” goes red in order to win, children must learn delayed gratification in order to regulate themselves. In “What’s the Magic Word?,” we talked about manners and kindness. We must teach our kids to communicate with politeness, greet people, and share with others in order to train them up in kindness. The final lesson of the series was “Thankfulness in an Entitled World.” In a “me, me, me” world, it is important that we teach our children not to be entitled but to appreciate others and things. These are just a few of the great principles we learned in Parenting Class!

Not only did we learn invaluable techniques for raising children, but we had fun forming friendships with other moms over various different activities. This includes chatting over delicious breakfasts, sharing our experiences and struggles with parenting in discussion groups, and participating in raffles for great prizes! We had a fun and educational experience, and we hope to see you at Parenting Class next year!

Here's a recap video for Parenting Class!

Here are some photos from Parenting Class!