Parenting Class 2023

Our parenting class was a blast! The theme for this year’s class was “Peaceful Home” where the moms learned about how to cultivate peace in the home through peaceful meal times, peace despite tantrums, and peaceful sleep routines! It was an encouraging time to get to know other moms and find practical support in motherhood.

The first lesson on "Peaceful Meal Times" was taught by Sheng where he introduced the "C+1 Principle", where the “C” stands for the current ability of a child and the “+1” stands for the next level beyond the child’s current ability! The moms were taught that parents have been given authority over their children as part of God's created design, and it is therefore the parent's duty to teach them and train them to obey and know what is good for them!

At the second lesson on "Peace Despite Tantrums", the moms learned the three T's of tantrums: Take a breath, Time-out, then Teach! Tantrums come because children want to be their own authority and have their own sinful desires. However, there is hope in finding true peace! All three steps are important as tantrums are an opportunity for parents to teach their children how to handle their emotions and learn self-control and communication!

Lastly, the moms learned about "Peaceful Sleep Routines" where the moms were encouraged to work with their husbands in setting the family’s goal and priorities throughout the day. This teaches the child that the family’s schedule does not revolve around them and their needs, but ultimately around the schedule set by the parents. The child learns how to grow in being independent and consistent as they grow to become mature adults.

Not only did moms learn invaluable techniques for raising children, but they had fun forming friendships with other moms over various different activities and discussions! It was such a fun and educational time at Parenting Class!

 Here is a recap video for Parenting Class!

Here are some photos from Parenting Class!