Friday Night Study

Numbering Our Days

Event Recap

The women had a great time at Friday Night Study: Numbering Our Days where they learned about the value of knowing the brevity of life. Alisa shared from Psalm 90 three attributes of God revealed in the passage that motivate us to number our days.

First, God’s eternality was shown in Moses’ acknowledgement of God’s faithfulness to Israel throughout generations (Psalm 90:1-4). God is outside of time and never changes which should result in us being thankful throughout our days rather than thankless or discontent. Second, God’s wrath towards a rebellious Israel sobers us to consider each day knowing that though Christ’s righteousness fully covers the penalty for our sins, we fully deserved His wrath. God’s wrath towards sin shows us how destructive sin is and so we should take sin seriously and pursue holy living for Him (Psalm 90:5-12). Third, God’s grace through Christ is always present as He intercedes for us and absorbs all the wrath of God (Psalm 90:13-17). Through His grace, we are strengthened to fight sin and have confidence that God will confirm the work of your hands and look upon our works with favor when we seek to live a life for His glory. Therefore, throughout our days, we can be disciplined in our emotions, thinking, and actions to glorify God and maximize the life we have for Him.

It was such an encouraging time to consider that He has an appointed amount of time for each person. Let us make the most of the time that God has given to us for His glory in obedience and love for Him!

Event Recap

Here's what our sister Christine learned:

"We can be thankful each day regardless of what happens, knowing that God is in our life, which makes each day more meaningful and more motivating! This part of the lesson reminded me to check my heart and to see if I am truly valuing each day and each moment as a gift from the Lord. I should not focus on the bad moments or become discontent, knowing that I have all I need in God, who is my eternal refuge and home!"
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