The Truth About Sex

Event Recap

To continue our series on “True Freedom in Christ,” Renee taught the second lesson on “The Truth About Sex” and why sex is a gift that God created to glorify Him in marriage. In today’s world, the distortion of sex leads us to think it is shameful or impure. However, God created us in His image with the purpose of displaying His character, even through the sex in marriage (Genesis 1:27-28)! For example, when a husband and wife are joined together, it mirrors the Triune unity of God Himself (John 10:30). 

Renee walked through the Song of Solomon and we saw various examples of how God’s character is expressed through sex. Sex provides pleasure and satisfaction in marriage because God Himself is the ultimate source of pleasure and satisfaction (Song of Solomon 7:10, Song of Solomon 5:1). When a husband and wife are intimate, it is a good thing: it is an act of worship to God because He has designed it to be an expression of Himself! Rather than being ashamed of our sexual desires, we can look forward to marriage and patiently wait for God’s perfect timing! 

Furthermore, God designed sex with threefold effects: physical, emotional, and spiritual. Although the world treats sex as something that is merely mechanical, sex is not cheap and God holds it in high regard. Extramarital sex will never fulfill God’s purposes for sex and only leaves people hurt or ashamed. However, God offers forgiveness and extends grace to us despite our past, only desiring for us to repent of our sin and pursue after righteousness (1 John 1:9, Lamentations 3:22-23). 

Although our past experiences may taint our view of sex, God’s design for sex is holy and should not cause us to stumble. God created us with sexual desire for His good purposes, and while we may struggle to have self-control over our desires, He provides us with a means of escape (1 Corinthians 1:13). Praise God that He provides all that we need to live lives of holiness and that we can use our sexual desires for His glory!

Event Testimonial

Here is what our sister Christine N. learned:
“Cornerstone: The Truth on Sex was very encouraging. I’m encouraged by Kainos ministry that they do not shy away from topics that are needed for women! One truth that stood out to me was that everything about us reflects the image of God, even sex. ‘Because we are the handiwork of God, it follows that all our problems and their solutions are theological,’ when we have a misconception of sex, this can indicate we have a misconception of who God is. We then went through multiple attributes of God like His intimacy, communication, beauty, tenderness and how it relates to sex. We also saw how the gift of sex is multifaceted and went through Song of Songs. One of the ways I want to apply this is to see sex biblically. I’m currently doing a weekly marriage study so I’ll be incorporating the study of the Song of Songs biweekly into my study.”

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