Women's Fellowship

Women's Fellowship is a teaching series once a month on Sunday at 11 AM after worship service. For 2020-2021, we are going through the theme of "Contradictory Harmony."  

This series is meant to help the women understand, view, and practice the Christian life as a cohesive whole, and not as dichotomized parts. It can help to expand your depth and wisdom on knowing when and which principles to apply and implement. It can also help to expand in seeing the entirety of truth as a united whole.

Our eighth lesson was on "Encourage and Rebuke" taught by Charissa where we learned true encouragement is to give another courage and true repentance is to correct sin and lead them to repentance. The purpose of encouragement and rebuke is first to build up others to joyful obedience and second to worship and exalt God more. Before one encourages or rebukes, they must have a biblical understanding of the topic, be rooted in truth, love God, and need believe their own encouragement or rebuke. May we continue to practice encouragement and rebuke in our relationships to worship God and to care for others. 
Jennifer will be teaching our last Women's Fellowship lesson on "Mature and Childlike" on June 27, 2021. The lesson will streamed LIVE starting at 11 AM HERE!

To watch or listen to the lessons, please visit the RGC YouTube channel  or our Media page.

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