Women's Fellowship

Women's Fellowship is a teaching series in which the women learn from God's Word and enjoy biblical fellowship with one another. This year, we will be going through lessons centered around the theme, “Precious in the Sight of God.”

These lessons are meant to help women understand the things that are precious in God’s eyes and value them in our lives. The world values fleeting and perishable things and it seeps into the thinking of the church, but how can we be women who treasures what God deems as precious? Come join us on Sundays at 11 AM after worship service for a sweet time together learning from God's Word!
The third lesson of the year was “Character, Character, Character,” in which Jennifer taught about how character should be important to us because it’s precious to God. She defined character as the distinctive and consistent attributes of godliness in a person. So, to have true character is to live a life above reproach, defined by uprightness, that endures. To live above reproach is to live transparently because you fear God alone and not man—living for an audience of one! And if you live for God alone, you will not work pragmatically, justifying the means by the outcome, but rather, you will live a life distinguished by a good attitude in all you do, knowing that God loves a humble heart. Finally, we learned that we must have consistent character in all areas of our lives instead of compartmentalizing our efforts and working lazily in certain areas. Jennifer encouraged us to consider how each victory we have in making the right, God-glorifying decision is another step towards godly character—so we should make every decision count!

To build character takes time, work, humility, transparency, and prayer, but God desires for us to grow in it and helps us to do so! May we apply this lesson by living our lives dependently on and for God alone, praying to Him to help us make choices and live in a way that honors Him.
Please join us for the next lesson, “The Value of Discipline,” in which Charissa will teach us about the importance of discipline in the life of a godly woman and how discipline is very precious in the sight of God! While the world encourages instant gratification and emotional thinking, Scripture tells us that God prizes self-control in all areas. Come and find out more about how to treasure discipline in your life! 

The lesson will be streamed live on Sunday, January 23, 2022 at 11 AM PST.

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