College and Young Singles Retreat

CAYS Retreat 2021 has now passed. Please check back later for CAYS Retreat 2022 details and registration!

CAYS Retreat 2021
Worthy of All Honor

Woah! Who do the angels say is worthy of all honor? Who will the entire world bow down to, to give him all honor? Who is the only eternal, immortal and invisible? We all know the answer: God alone. But we can only imagine how dynamic and powerful our lives would be if we focus on these indomitable truths to change the way we live and worship! CAYS ministry will be hosting a college retreat to focus our gaze on the Lord to behold Him as the God only wise. Come and join CAYS to be woah-ed, while having a great time with friends in fellowship and learning to live a focused and powerful life to give God all the honor.
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